Metrex Equities Inc. assists individuals seeking to obtain strategic assets, such as property acquisition and home ownership. We purchase REO properties from banks at remarkably under-valued prices and sell them at discounted rates to clients, thereby rewarding the client with an attractive investment. We also purchase run down properties and transform them into beautiful, marketable single and multi-family houses, with all modern conveniences. Metrex Groups is your trusted name with extensive experience in all real estate related matters. We offer you off-market deals that are in accordance to your specific needs.


The primary focus at Metrex Equities, Inc. is assisting those seeking to liquidate distressed single and multi-family properties. We purchase pre-foreclosed properties through short sales and guide debt-ridden owners through its complicated process, ultimately leaving the former property owner debt-free as well as with assistance in mitigating moving expenses if applicable. Our exceptional relationship with a multitude of banks and assets managers enable us to structure deals corresponding to your unique needs. Metrex Equities is your dependable source of counsel and guidance in dire financial crisis.


To advance potential prospects, Metrex Equities has established a licensed NY brokerage firm, Metrex Realty Inc. Metrex Realty will market your home and ensure that it is sold for its greatest market value. Our public listings and many contacts empower us with an ability to find excellent buyers quickly. Our longstanding relationship with trusted attorneys, mortgage bankers, and title companies enable us to help you close deals promptly and efficiently. We reliably act as your appointed liaison and in good faith guide you through all technical aspects of a transaction.

About Us

Metrex Equities, Inc. assists investors in navigating the complexity of real estate property regulations and transactions. In our early years, we started with small-scale ventures such as acquiring neglected bank properties and renovating them to generate a profit. We have since expanded and grown steadily, extending services to assist our many clients from various locations in NY and NJ. We offer an initial consultation free of charge to help prospective clients make informed decisions regarding their real estate assets and to avoid potential pitfalls and costly blunders. Metrex Equities was established on a foundation of integrity and an honorable commitment to provide the ultimate customer service experience. At Metrex Equities, client satisfaction is our goal; their profitable returns our singular mission. Through our perseverance, innovative solutions and wealth of experience, we attempt not only to meet, but also to exceed clients’ expectations.